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Reviews & Complaints for Lifemates Dating Services

If you are looking for honest and unbiased reviews about different dating companies across Canada and the US, CZAPA is the one for you! Dating today is one of the most common and prevalent ways to search for lifemates. Almost the entire young crowd loves to flock around in bars, clubs, cafes, and pubs in search for a lifemate of their dreams. However, there are lots of people who are not impressed by the idea of going to bars, pubs, or clubs to search for lifemates in Canada and USA. They have complaints that it results in them spending a great deal of time and money. In order to assist all such people in getting lifemates, many dating companies have sprung up, offering what they believe is an amazing lifemates service to get ideal lifemates. However, how true are their claims? 

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Lifemates Canada

After getting registered by paying an affordable fee, I was introduced to my personal Matchmaker, who held a detailed discussion with me to understand my idea of a perfect lifemate and the kind of personality I was looking for. The Matchmaker took time to listen to the complaints and reviews that I had about previous dates, which I did not want to repeat in the future. Based on all these details, my personal Matchmaker promised to contact me as soon as she matches my profile with one of the prospective lifemates. True to her promise, I got a call in two weeks about a prospective lifemate.....
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Just Lunch Vancouver

I noticed some good points about Its Just Lunch Vancouver as well as some bad points. Therefore, this review is neither a good nor a bad review about the dating company. When I read about Its Just Lunch Vancouver and visited the lifemates company, I was impressed with the way they welcomed me and explained in detail about their dating process. Even the idea of setting up prospective lifemates for a nice lunch appealed to me....
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Plenty Of Fish

First of all, I was not too much impressed with the registration process. It involved filling out an online form that almost anybody and everybody can fill with false information. I could not see any regulatory process in place to authenticate the information provided by people in Canada aspiring to be members. Therefore, I suspected that most of the members here have simply enrolled to have fun and are not serious about looking for lifemates. My suspicion proved to be true when I was matched with other members based on a chemistry test that made no sense to me.
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Table for Six

As someone with a business background, I was impressed with the attention Table for Six paid to every detail. Once I signed up and started dating I realized the importance of attending to such details -- providing your members with a comfortable and secure environment allows you to offer the most successful dating strategy. Table for Six dating could teach my MBA program a bit about how to work with people....
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Fusion 101

When I signed up for the service, I came across several members online and chatted with them; overall the members were pretty decent and I had a nice time chatting online with them and sharing information. I even asked members if they had any complaints about the services provided by Fusion 101 in Canada; however, no one seemed to have any complaints, which is good news! .....
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Senior Match Making

The second thing that disturbed me was the fact that no background checks were conducted about the information entered during the registration process. I am confident of this fact because I deliberately added wrong information to see if the details were screened by Senior Match Making. However, no complaints were ever raised to me about the false information. The third thing that made me think negatively of this dating company is that many of the members are here for fun and past time. They are surely not serious about finding lifemates.....
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Elite Matchmaking

When I found the Elite Matchmaking dating service I was skeptical but decided to give dating programs one last chance. I'm glad that I did -- Elite Matchmaking turned out to be different from online dating sites. For one thing, they carefully interview each member and conduct periodic reviews of those interviews and individuals, especially.....
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Dinner Works Canada

I registered myself by buying a dinner package and was subsequently invited for a dinner at a nice restaurant. There were a total of eight people at the dinner, four ladies including me and four gentlemen. I was impressed to find that the matchmaking staff at Dinner Works had done enough research and analysis to ensure that members who share similar interests, hobbies, and choice of lifemates were set up together for the dinner. All my dinner mates had similar views and interests, which made the evening great with a lot of interesting conversations. It was one of the most remarkable dinners I had and the company of other members was incredible......
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